For every need that arises comes an opportunity to meet the same need.

In a world where time equals money and being busy has become a norm; we are saddled with the responsibility to find a balance whilst making money and still enjoy living our lives.

We decided to take the initiative and create the fast moving, trail blazing financially independent PRMs.

What does PRM mean?

PRMs means Prettier & Richer Mommies. We are the ones who make money while discharging our primary responsibilities.

We have no super power….we just have super-intelligence and we are using it to eat our cake and have it!.

The joy of every mom is to witness all the important milestones in their children’s life and we found a way to do that while still making money

It’s not compulsory you go out of your home before you make money so you can be a Working stay at home Mom or a Working Mom with a side gig that pays in 6-7 figure

The Current 21st Century Stay at Home Mom

✔ Has been brainwashed to believe that for her to achieve her dreams she has to GO OUT TO WORK

✔ Leaves her children at the mercy of caregivers and nannies

✔ Never gets to spend quality time with her family

✔ Alone-time for her is a luxury

✔ Absent most of the time in pursuit of a career

There’s a new breed of 21st Century Stay at Home Mom

✔ Never misses fun tie with her family

✔ She works from home and even makes more than what her fellow mom will make by going out daily to work!!!

✔ She has the best of both worlds – homemaker & business-builder

Let’s show you how to become the revolutionary 21st century Stay at home Mom

And if you are still in your 9-5 .. this will work for you as you will learn how to sack your boss in no time or even manage both your job and you side business without hurting anyone

You have to take the right step with the right company

Making money while raising our adorables