Finishing strong in network marketing is very crucial so it’s important you work towards a great closing from day one as our business is monthly based business but most times we wait till the tail end before we start putting in extra effort . Extra effort should be in from day one if you are truly serious about crushing your goals.

One thing that had worked for me is creating 10 days sprint  from day one of the month by dividing my month in 3 chunks of 10 days and activities for each of the 10 days sprint is determined by my goal for that month . 

This had help me stay focused for the whole of the month putting in the right amount of effort into the business per time .

Below are my TOP TIPS that had helped me and my team gain momentum in the last few days of the month.

1. Reach out to all inactive or sleeping team members and sending them a comprehensive business outlook of their business and suggesting one or two action step.This always works for some people as they see the business in a new light and reach out to clarify the report. By so doing you can help them see the reason why they should take the business to the next level.

2. Reach out to all existing customers offering them a discount on their favorite product or offer a free gift with purchase 

3. Reach out to prospects who had talked to you in the past with a great sense of urgency by asking questions they cannot say NO to .. I got someone registered last night after 2 month of back and forth. Example of such question below

👉🏼Are you willing to forgo the cash back of 3k that will go away in 2 days ? 

👉🏼Are you still going to push your greatness forward till March again or you want to take your place this month ? Always add sense of urgency to your voice or writing ✍🏽 

4.Be readily available. This is a time I don’t even go out or move about too much . I wake up and sit at my desk revising team members goal .. cheering them .. reminding them of their goals , helping them craft sales post and solving problem. As a team leader this is the time you cannot afford to leave any stone untouched.

5. Followup . Follow up with all categories of people in your team . Offer to help incase they have any challenges. Follow up customers and those indecisive people that you had exposed your business or product to in the past

6. Lastly celebration every minutes on the team page is the magic wand . This is a period you intensify and creatively celebrate all achievements in the group to spur more people to action . Don’t wait till closing but begin to celebrate people in the last few day of the month . I usually created an award plaque with no picture stating your picture is missing here so hurry up and let’s do this….

See the sample celebration plaque sent out to them all which always spur more to action.