I have always wanted to be able to work from home and spend more time with my kids but I missed out so much in my son’s life while he was still a baby.

I was not present when he took the first step or spoke his first word.

Looking at it all today, I feel grateful that I can be sitting on the foyer working with my team and watching my kids run around me chanting mommy! mommy!! mommy!!!

I am not just a work from home mom but a 7-figures earning stay at mom (in Naira).


But things weren’t always so rosy. I went months without being paid regularly even after bursting my ass out, working for my employer 12-14 hours daily and in those times, spending time with my family was such a struggle. We could only connect on phone.

I remember leaving my family for days and weeks without knowing what was happening to them because I had to concentrate on work.

Then, I traveled every week and I was totally noted by the dictates of my employer.

I was a fantastic employee but a very terrible mom. Money was not enough to fill the void my absence created.

My biggest desire has always been to raise my kids myself and not be an absentee mom but I didn’t know how I could do that.

Making money at the detriment of one’s family is not worth it all.

It had so many negative impact on my young family especially my relationship with my hubby and my son.

One day, I missed over 200 calls because I couldn’t pick my calls due to the pressure of my work . When I saw it I started to panic and then managed to get through to my mom. Oh my world, my son was hospitalised. He was hurt so bad and I was about 5000km away from home, I wasn’t there for him.

My negligence led to that.
My quest for money outside of my family led to that.
I was devastated,I was wrong.
I was a bad mom.

Then it dawned on me, 
It was time for a CHANGE
It was time for me to evaluate my VALUES.


If you feel you are in the same stickiness then listen up.

I wish someone was there to tell me what to do or show me the opportunities that accommodates being a mom and still making money. Instead of bursting my family for money.

I probably missed so many precious moments while I didn’t know any better.

I almost lost it all.

Thankfully I found an opportunity that changed it all for me and it can change it for you too.

I found a company to partner with that affords me the opportunity to work from any where and be a MOMBOSS.

  • I moved from Working 14-16 hours outside my home to working 4-6 hours at home only leaving home once a week.
  • I started to be the Great Mom that is always present to witness every milestone.
  • I now travel on all expense paid trips exploring other countries of the world.
  • I moved from earning a middle-class income to earning 7 figures (in Naira) in 2 years.
  • I choose how much I want to earn.

Now I want to be that help to you and I am confident that this will turn your situation around too.

If this message resonates with you, let’s talk about bringing you on board to join my team. I will work One – on – One with you.

I have tremendous success working with women with similar stories in the last 3 years, and I was able to channel my personal experience into helping them get out if the stickiness.

Are you

  • Ready to burst that rot?
  • Ready to be a MOMBOSS?
  • Ready to spend more time with your family while still making good income
  • Are you ready to take vacations around your family schedule?

I have a few spots open, precisely 20 to work with women with similar story and ready to put in the work required to make the change.