✔️First, see how far you have come and appreciate you

Give yourself kudos and appreciate what you have done so far… don’t look down on your achievements, celebrate little Success or all you have achieved.

2. Determine where you want to get to by the end of the month

Remember the goal or dream you had at the beginning of the month and imagine it .., imagine how you will feel if it should come to pass 

Bask in the euphoria of your success

3. Find out the difference

If you want 10 and now you have 6, it means you have 4 to go. Then go ahead and quantify it into percentages. 

E.g 50% to 12% manager 

60% to qualify for manager challenge 

For you to do that successfully, you have to define your goal. 

4. The next step is to check out how many points you have to go…

For example, I aimed at 15% and that is 4000 points but I have 3000 now so I need 1000 points to go.

5. Think of how to generate more points before the month runs out

And I will share with you some simple strategies:

👉Strategy 1

Check your team members that are close to the next level.

Calculate how much points they need to go and first send them a congratulatory message commending their effort and also communicate the points and how close they are to the next level using points and percentages. 

Tell them what they can do right now to get the points.

👉Strategy 2

Show your catalogue 

Kick off operation show your catalogue right away and share your catalogue as often as possible. 

Do product review and share with people. 

Share testimonies of before and after.

👉Strategy 3

Organize sales contest in your team 

Launch Contest with reward 

Examples below 

Buy 200bp and get a product gift. 

Do extra 50 points and win a recharge card.

Think and be creative.

👉Strategy 4

Register new partners 

Register and buy up to 225Bp points and get your registration done for free … it means you get to pay the registration fee and you can decide to raise the amount if you want more.

Outline the benefits of the package they are going for e.g. 6.% gives the following benefits 

* First earning
* Retail profit
* Welcome program
* VIP program
* More products
* More points

Here are the Assignments: (Do these now) 

1. Determine where you are? How many points left?

2. Convert to percentage 

3. From all posted strategy… choose the strategy you going to use or already using.